A little bit higher...

Mark moved out to California from South Carolina to train with us last year. He was a very successful pole vaulter in college and decided to have a go at the professional ranks.

When I first met Mark, he told me he was already "pretty fit." The picture on the left was taken after the workout on day 1.

He was unable to do much of the lifting in college due to a back issue. With some help from our physical therapist, we were able to fix the problem and get training underway. By April, Mark had deadlifted 475lbs and jumped 17'10 (new personal best). And best of all, his back issue was completely gone.

Mark is continuing his journey with us. His hopes are to make it to the USA Track & Field Nationals this year. He needs to jump 18'0. We wish him luck.

Hard Work Does Pay Off

When I met Kortney last summer, she was in bad shape. Her back hurt her so much that she was only able to muster out three to five jumps in her pole vault practices.

Since the summer, Kortney has been a regular fixture at Foundation Strength. I am pleased to say that her back is much better. She is faster in her sprints. Lastly, today she showed us she can pole vault a whole lot higher. She jumped 13'0 at the Escondido Invite. That mark lands her in the top five high school vaulters in the country this year- so far. I'm sure it made all that deadlifting worth it.

Nice job!

Here is the youtube link with all of her jumps from today:


Current Set Up

Foundation Strength

circa April 2009

Well, we bought a new house, and with that came a new and bigger set up. I added quite a bit of equipment and have twice as much room. Our house sits at the end of a cul de sac with a usuable 15m x 50m grass stretch for running or whatever.

As happy as I am with this, this is only a stopping off point. Look for an even better (and more commercial) Foundation Strength in the next few months.

An old classic.

The original Foundation Strength & Conditioning

circa 2007

Humble beginings. Everyone says "don't start too big." Well, I had that covered. My garage had 6ft x 14ft of useable space. My waiting area was an old beat up Ikea couch that I drug out into my very small driveway for people to sit on. It was amazing that people came back for the second workout. Not exactly 24hr fitness.

We did get a lot of good work done, though. Below is a picture of a high school discus thrower that trained exclusively in my garage from July to July of his senior year of high school. His best throw went from 143 ft to 177'3. Just a little proof that success is in hard work- not fancy equipment.

Welcome to Foundation Strength & Conditioning

Foundation Strength & Conditioning is a sports specific training facility located in Carlsbad, CA. We specialize in properly preparing athletes for their given sports and making everyday people a whole lot stronger.

Stay tuned for many updates and bios from Foundation Strength.

If you are interested in learning more about us, or would like training, email Mike@FoundationStrength.com